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Top Tips for Moving in Bridgend During Lockdown

We look at what you can do to ensure moving day in lockdown goes as smoothly as possible.

Moving home can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do.

But doing so in lockdown means it can be even more anxiety-inducing.

If you are moving, follow these simple tips from the British Association of Removers to reduce any moving day stress.

If you are vulnerable or shielding, can the move be delayed?

Seek medical advice to see if your move should still happen during lockdown.

Co-ordinate your move with your buyers and sellers

Keep in touch with your sellers (if buying another property), so they can vacate in plenty of time before you or your movers arrive. A good estate agent will help you liaise with other people involved in the move.

Do your own packing where possible

Normally, removal companies offer optional packing services that may be limited in the current climate for obvious reasons. Try to do as much of the packing as possible yourself, but if they agree to pack for you, clean your belongings before other people handle them.

Prepare your house before the removals company arrives

Ensure hard surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. That also goes for light switches and door handles. Toilet facilities should also be cleaned.

Keep socially distant at all times

During lockdown, removals companies prefer clients to stay away. Stay outside (weather permitting) – you might even catch a few rays of sunshine – or clear one room the day before the movers arrive, so you can stay there while the heavy lifting takes place. Children and pets should stay with you and, if possible, only one member of the household should be present on moving day itself. Use hand sanitiser, wear masks, and open doors and windows to allow for better ventilation before and during the move.

Set aside a ‘clean station’ for the movers

Create an area so the movers can regularly wash their hands, soap, and hand sanitiser within easy reach.

Remember – any keys to be handed over will need to be sanitised.

We hope you’ve found those tips helpful.

AVENUE Property can put you in touch with a recommended removals company in Bridgend if you need one.

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